Transmission Techniques Vol. 1

by Wake Magazine

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This is a diverse compilation. We collect music from a wide range of genres, including indie, electronic, singer-songwriter, and hip-hop, and the subgenres within. If the opening track doesn't strike you, we encourage you to check out the rest - we strive to put together a compilation that includes something for everyone.


released February 18, 2014



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Wake Magazine Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: Keep Quiet - Regret (TN)

Once described as an "alternately quiet and rowdy river town", Knoxville, TN strikes a balance between the quiet serenity of the Appalachian Mountains and the noisy turbulence of Modern Civilization. It is this same balance which works its way into the music of the Knoxville-based rock band Keep Quiet. With punchy, raucous choruses intermingled with epic melody and moments of reflective space; the band weaves stories and confessions into an experience as dynamic as the lives that created them. With years of touring and recording under their belts from previous projects, Ryan, Corey and Ben are poised to release their debut record in in the Summer of 2013. Internally, they consider it their most ambitious music to date - a break from previous work into a new realm of art and creativity. But more than anything, they are excited to be making exciting, honest music together and to progress toward a common artistic goal.
Track Name: Wild Luck - Heroes (MD)
Wild Luck is a post rock/indie/instrumental project from Washington, DC.
Wild Luck is the work of Jacob Gemmell.
Track Name: Steven Cathcart - I get sick too much. (SC)
Steven Cathcart is a solo artist from Greenwood, South Carolina, currently working on a new album.
Track Name: evolv - Colours (MD)
Williamsport, MD

Born and Raised wherever his heart took and has taken him, Stephen Perez (evolv) has been combining visual elegant child-hood like sounds as long as he can remember. Bringing passion and an enlightened feeling throughout the mind. evolv …Beautiful, Elegant cloudscapes that take you back to your favorite memories. All you have to do is listen with your heart.




Track Name: Messenger Down - A Lie For A Lie (Make Up Your Mind Before I Have To Do This For You) (NC)
Messenger Down is a rock band from Concord, North Carolina. With catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and a style that seems to vary from song to song, the band is set on bringing something a little different to the table than what has become the standard for pop rock bands everywhere.
Track Name: Solar Cat - Eye of Aggmoto (NC)
Chris Rigo and Sara English decided to start a band and write songs about comic book characters, magic, science and cats. Thus, SOLAR CAT was born!
Track Name: Hectorina - He Looked Just Like THIS! (NC)
Hectorina is an experimental/psychedelic groove/math rock/indie band from Charlotte, NC, fronted by Charlotte veteran Dylan Gilbert, alongside Zach Jordan and John Harrell III.
Track Name: Robinson - Super Love (UK)

Once upon a time there was a Lord Burgess who was a very wealthy and respected landowner at the turn of the last century. He had butlers, servants and most importantly maids to wait on him hand and foot. This ‘Lord’ ended up having his wicked way with one of his maids, therefore leaving the mother no other choice but to abandon her bastard child and give him to the orphanage. This bastard of a baby was Robinson’s great grandfather, who turned out to be a coal mining alcoholic Robinson insists that this family background has been a trigger for his creativity; however, his music is influenced by the likes of Dylan and Waits. Inspirations are endless and ongoing, from the readings of Charles Bukowski and other beatniks to the darker gothic sounds of Eastern Europe. Whether it be guitar, piano, clarinet or sax, Robinson’s melodies are pulled from many lovers. Where does the story go from here? Will Robinson echo the life of his great grandfather or is there something much better waiting around the corner?
Track Name: A Mad Affair - Lighthouses (NC)

About Us
A Mad Affair formed around a campfire in the spring of 2011. Inspired by nature, the Chapel Hill trio play as if they never left the birdsong & trees. The radiant voice of Valerie Wood cascades over the nuanced cadences of Garth Robertson's vibrant guitar and the deep, resonant groove of double bassist, Eric Smith. Candy-coated harmonies and the happy bounce of a ukulele often dance throughout a song.

A Mad Affair released their debut album, Retro Honey Pop, in December 2012. The album was recorded at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill, NC, by Al Jacob and mastered by Brent Lambert (Nnenna Freelon, Avett Brothers). Fiddlin' Faye Petree also makes guest appearances on "Old Country Road" and "Sun and Moon." Lively, heart-felt, fun and friendly, their 13-track album will transport you into a warm landscape of starlit summer picnics and honeysuckle-scented breezes.

A Mad Affair is:

Valerie Wood, Lead Vocals and Ukulele

Garth Robertson, Guitar and Vocals

Eric Smith, Upright Bass
Track Name: Garden Keeper - Vinheta (Brazil)
Track Name: Livy Conner - Patience (SC)
Track Name: Kimbi The Goddess - Moment (SC)

bio: If you want your soul cleansed through rhythm, soulful word play, a pretty smile, and a few references to Yoga: then, Kimbi the Goddess is your spoken-word remedy. Born n bred in Greenville, S.C. and Butter'd n jellied in New York. Kimbi Mullins, yogini, massage therapist extraodinaire aka Kimbi the Goddess has grown to be one of down south’s most prolific performers. Fusing a blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, and Poetry, this talented one-woman act delivers a unique rhythmic message in which each new listener finds common ground. Kimbi the Goddess has been writing poetry (or as she say, emptying her thoughts) and songwriting since childhood and has become a prominent force on a multi-regional poetry scene. Kimbi the Goddess has created a buzz that is echoed in the following achievements: Member of the 2008 Upstate S.C. Slam Poetry Team, Hosted several Witsend Poetry Open Mic Sessions at Coffee Underground (Greenville, S.C.)- 2008, Winner of 3 Witsend Poetry Slam Competitions- May-July 2008, Spartanburg Poetry Slam winner- July 2008, Performed in the 2008 Southern Fried Poetry Competition in Tallahassee, FL- June 2008, Performed in the 2008 National Poetry Slam Competition in Madison, WI- August 2008, Carolina Grand Slam Champion, Greenville, S.C Oct 2008, and March 2009 Queen Slam Champ, in SC, 2013 member of the Upstate Poetry Slam Team Say-Dat, along with her husband mOody bLaCk has opened up for Trey Songz and was received an achievement award from the 1st Annual Spoken Word Gala in Columbus, GA, and she is just getting started!!!
Track Name: sLanguage / Lackflow - Cla-sick Poetry (feat. Dalena Tran) (AL)
sLanguage/Lackflow Intolerant (David Redwine)

Old school quotes wrapped in new school dope. The wealthiest man alive is the artist who can use his words. Ever since he was a snot-nosed kid, sLanguage (aka Lackflow Intolerant and David Redwine) has been in a hip-hop state-of-mind. As a child his speakers emitted sound waves from pioneers of hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and The Pharcyde. These artists, among many others, are attributed to igniting the love he has for his craft.

At the golden age of 21 he began romancing with the mic as one-third of the group Intelligent Quotes, based out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. sLanguage is known for his complex and eloquent delivery, articulating every word and making sure they are fruitful and ripe. His songs are self-reflexive—they are verbal paintings of his strength and talent as an emcee.

sLanguage, beside evolv (aka Stephen Perez) is also one half of the founding minds behind the Indelible Niche Collective, and is also signed to The Roots of Society Records.
Track Name: Darko The Super - Cookies and Milk (Prod. Dr. Dundiff) (PA)
Label: Curious Absurdities

Bio: "DarkoTheSuper" (aka "Doc Heller" [for production & beats] and "Dwarf Nebula" [for bugged out Quasimoto-inspired rap]) comes from a future that will no longer exist. The prolific emcee/beat maker, who's real name is Evan Souza, has been called a mad genius when it comes to abstract hip hop. He is an intense MC and carries an intensity that is extremely reminiscent of written poetry. DarkoTheSuper gets his name from the Sci-Fi cult film "Donnie Darko" and the song "Dead Bent" by his favorite emcee and biggest influence, MF DOOM. His inspirations range from Eyedea and ODB to Beck and Frank Zappa. Representing love over fear, Darko will leave your spine tingling.
Track Name: Walter Kronkite - Imagination (remix) Feat. Crocker (SC)

Walter Kronkite says “music is the one of many things that can reconnect you to anything else in the world that you have experienced, want to experience, and will experience.” Memories, future goals, stories, anthems; all these things makes him do what he does. Lovelorn Records has presented him with this opportunity. Kronkite has been trying hard, with little money, to become one of the next artists that really touches and connects to people. Not just in hip-hop, rock, or any other genre, but in the music industry all together. He’s produced for many local artists around the Upstate of South Carolina, recorded a number of artists ranging from Hip Hop and R & B, but also Rock, Country, and Jazz.

His dream is to become one of the most influential people in music history. Kronkite says “I know I can do this, but it takes more than just knowing what is possible. I need support. We need support. The problem with the music today is no one wants to go out of his or her way to discover something new. So if you’re reading this, or if you’ve pressed play on one of my songs, or have even given me a looky-loo, let me say Thank You. I want you to take something from what I’m trying to give to the people, which is a unique story that can and I don’t say this lightly, touch everyone. So again, let me say thank you and I hope you enjoy.”
Track Name: SympL & Mr. Dash - What You're Told (SC)

Through the years, sympL has explored musical genres ranging from punk rock to folk - reggae to improvisational funk, hip hop, drum-n-bass, and spoken word. No matter the style, sympL has brought his mastery of language and the undeniable passion of a restless poet to the stage, studio, and street corner for over 15 years. An underground media mogul, he has been a tireless promoter, published author, and celebrated performer - working with some of the most acclaimed acts in hip hop - such as Del the Funky Homosapien, Wu-Tang’s Cappadonna, Das EFX, The Beatnuts, The Artifacts, Souls of Mischief, Nappy Roots, Cypress Hill, The Jungle Brothers, Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na, and many more.
Track Name: Candented - Eonnia (SC)

Bio: The melody and sound of creeping synths, pulsating bass and sonic landscapes behind flared drums serve as an altar to haunting vocal samples and hip-hop driven melodies in the production for the release of "Candented Dawn" in 2013. Hailing from the unlikely Charleston, SC Candented builds music that incorporates elements of ambient, hip hop, electronica, techno, futurepop, and Witchhouse.
Track Name: Sensei40 - Baby Please (Greece)
Sensei40 is Nafplion, Greece

Adopting his knickname from the founder of Xatzifrageta, Sensei40 started exposing his beatcrafting skills more than 10 years after his first encounter with music production. Born 1984 & multi-culturally raised in Greece, Sensei studied music technology & acoustics while worrking as a DJ, a bartender & a seaman among others. His affection for all pre-eighties music & pre-millenium hip hop, resulted in an oldschool approach to his beatmaking with an analog twist, or two. “
Track Name: Justin Blackburn - Suicide Eyes Prettier Than Any Summer (SC)

bio: Justin Blackburn is an author, comedian, poet, intuitive inner healer, actor, workshop facilitator, inspirational speaker, entertainer, and friend.
Track Name: Hillary Keane- Work In Progression (SC)

Hillary was born into a very musical family in South Carolina. Music quickly influenced her, singing along with Jewel and Tori Amos songs in elementary school. She wrote songs all through elementary and middle, but didn’t pick up a guitar until sophomore year of high school. From then on her music accelerated. She started writing and performing more. To date she’s composed over forty songs alone. She’s made numerous appearances on Lovelorn label releases and is currently featured on label-mate Walter Kronkite’s first single “Golden Gates.” Her debut project for Lovelorn, “Gemini Syndrome,” is currently in the works